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How Mom Fucked By Lorry Drivers
my family consists of my dad mom and my brother … My dad is a busy person who is always involved in his office work.. My brothe...
Lindy Taylor is the eldest daughter of my son Rick and his wife Lois who is now eighteen. She,s lived in Adelaide, Australia since 2007 when my son decided to emigrate there much to wife Sarah and my...
Fucked by Huge Cocked, Flashing Neighbour,
As much as I want to talk about my lives experiences to men, knowing they will wank themselves imagining me doing all the stuff that turns you on, there comes a point when my imagination takes over an...
A gay summer Holiday - Part 5
Index: https://youpornx.com/posts/957456 Chapter 5 A walk on the wild side. Christopher felt right at home living w...
Housewives secret sex club: part 4
If there’s one thing I’ve enjoyed in my married life, it is my ability to lie to my husband about pretty much anything. In the early part of our marriage before the c***dren were born I considered mys...
Taking My Daughter and Her Friend to Work for the
Taking My Daughter and Her Friend to Work for the Week – Chapter 13.1 Chapter 13 – part 1 – Two Milfs are always better than one and a third makes it even more interesting! (I apologize for any gramma...
My Sister's Visit Part 2
I guessed that seeing someone sniffing her well-worn panties was all part of her education as Nancy stood there like a statue watching me marvel in my naughty pleasure, something that Val was well awa...
The unknown
It was my last summer before going off before starting college. I was this scrawny, 18yr old, pale skin, long blonde hair who thought he had it all figured and in reality, didn't know much at all. I h...
Fucked by mechanics
The speed with which the clouds gathered and the skies opened up took me by surprise. I was on my scooty, driving back from a work-related assignment in a village about 40 km outside of city. Usually,...
TGirl Kim Becomes a Slave for the Weekend: P2
::Xhamster doesn’t allow for all the things that took place that weekend to shared…but what can be, is shared below in Kim’s account of her slave weekend. The pictures are also not all of Kim but a re...