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Male teen’s lust for friend’s dad.
It was late at night, but I was wide awake. My hard cock, along with my lustful desires, wouldn’t let me sleep. I was staying at my friend Jon’s house and sleeping on the floor of his room. In just a ...
Male teen gets a ride.
The next morning, I had over slept. I shouldn’t be surprised, I was up most of the night before dreaming about Jon’s dads cock. My lust had even forced me to slid the cock of my sleeping friend. I had...
Letting Her Full Femininity to Shine
"There is something just amazingly erotic when a CD allows her full femininity and sexuality to shine thru and incredibly satisfying for the man to know that you share something incredibly personal...
Lads Holiday
So having just got off the phone to my wife she informed me that he sister Shell along with her hubby were in my neck of the woods for a few days and may well catch up! Great I thought just what I nee...
My wife' black ecperience
Helen and I have been together for 14 years now. She has just turned 45 and is 11 years younger than me. I have been trying to persuade her to take lovers and particularly black a few years after we s...
Emma's slut birthday
Emma’s birthday and Annie and I had arranged a night we hoped she wouldn’t forget. As far as she knew it was just dinner, a girl’s night at my local hostelry. Annie and I left work early to finalise t...
The shower
There was a gentle knock on the door, at the same instant that WhatsApp delivered the message ‘can I use your shower, mine is not working’.
I opened the door and there she stood, with her normal sheep...
Suzy's Story - Part 5
(Yes, its a continuation from part 4...)
When I arrived the following week I had a lovely feeling of anticipation. I hoped that James’s fantasy wasn’t one that involved being smeared in jam or someth...
Suzi: I’m the Slut Stripper Wife Part 4
Suzi: I’m the Slut Stripper Wife Part 4
The guys returned to our bedroom all showered and refreshed, looking at James holding my hand as I sat on the bed in my spunk soiled lingerie. The guys were cl...
Fridaynight fun
Another weekend has begun, and as usual I went out looking for fun and found it with Anita, she is super hot sexy woman of 55 she stands 5' has a tight athletic body great legs sexy a** 32 C cup br...
Lactation To My Brother
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So just 2 weeks back I bore the most beauti...
A very good love at home :-P very excellent this video, because to get yourself the sister at home when not there are the parents it's the...