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Mother and Daughter
Mother and Daughter part one Now that I’m getting on a bit and nearing retiring age things are not normally all that exciting on the sexual front but that changed not too long ago. I have been seein...
My wife told me some while after we were married one night following a fabulous fuck session with my thick cum still swimming in her sweet cunt about how innocent she was before her friend Heidi “corr...
Swati's Descent
Having studied very hard, Swati had graduated from her school with honours. Although her parents were not thrilled that she had rejected their choice of husband, they had eventually relented and she m...
Carmen teaches
Carmen and I watched as Amber went into the bathroom and then I looked at Carmen. "She needs to learn more" I said to her "I'll teach her first then you can take over" Carmen replied. We both got u...
Diary - Son Made Me Topless Model
TO READERS: Ma wrote this photography session in her diary. I read this many days later after our first copulation. I think it is better for reader to study her version instead of my narration. You ca...
What Must He Do?
It was late and Rajesh was rushing to catch the local train. As he jumped into the crowded train he cursed the Mumbai's hectic life and squeezed in to make some space for himself. It was still an hour...
Family Web
We girls were sitting on the lawns outside, awaiting the clock to strike for the practical class. Just then a flying bird shitted on the jutting of my left breast, I mean, over my blouse. I looked up:...
Strange temptations
Devyani Dutta was furious. She had just received a phone call from the detective agency that she had hired to spy upon her husband. An agent from Delhi just informed her that a girl had been visiting...
Sensational vacation
A family on their way to their vacation destination becomes sexually aware of each other. This story took place the year of my Last teen birthday. It was the last real family vacation my family took...
Family Life Ch 13 - Unexpected Romance
David left his mother and Laura in the reception area while he went to find out where his father was. Eventually he was directed to the intensive care unit. When the three of them got there they were...
Last week of my free month(casual encounter)
The morning after my intense night with Anthony, Sunday morning. I wake up still in my lace bodysuit. Bottom half of my bodysuit soaked with lube, sweat and Anthony's cum. I leaked all his cum on my b...
My late Mom Marnie and Helena,s Mom Crystal had been girlhood best friends and I think they secret.y hoped Crystals stunning blonde eldest daughter Helena( she had three girls and two boys) would even...