1950s big boobed wife

Published by pressgang 9 months ago
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exciteurwife 4 months ago
mmmm the FORBIDDEN FRUIT!! I love em!!!
paulscott 4 months ago
Pretty unusual for a babe back then to show her pussy hair but I'm glad she did.
paulscott 4 months ago
  You are correct.
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tnaHandyAndy 6 months ago
Wow.  She is stunning. Goddam.  So many "if only"s with her.
johnrhodes101875 8 months ago
She is absolutely stunning but I am glad that hairy bush went out of style a woman that look like her with a shaved bush would make me never want to leave the bedroom
Virginiabellfan 9 months ago
She must have been the original model for the Barbie doll
Virginiabellfan 9 months ago
your thoughts are correct
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homie5080 9 months ago
She's perfect
pressgang 9 months ago
bang on target ,after looking who that is , yeah i agree its the same person.
Im sure as an inspiration to the films of Russ Mayer
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dougfymbo 9 months ago
I'm thinking Virginia Bell. 
1awesome 9 months ago
So fucking awesome!
PGlovespussy 9 months ago
What a body i could eat her pussy and fuck her all day long
FantasyDream73 9 months ago
Those boobies...wow.
musclehed73 9 months ago
lilbill 9 months ago
That's a trophy wife!!
Strokinlots 9 months ago
I Bet her pussy just as nice as those marvellous boobs Mmmmm
WMAP 9 months ago
Hell Yeah---what a gorgeous fucking BODY!
Stiltskins 9 months ago
lucky bastard Hubby who got to play with those babies all his life ... nothing to hide there, no plastic that's all natural beauty. what's there not to like? .... take more than one guy to satisfy a woman that good looking. hopefully she had many many lovers to sample her goods  
1964easyrider 9 months ago
Love the old stag films...and damn she was a damn good looking woman!
bassman30069 9 months ago
bondsareus 9 months ago
awesome body