8-19-18 Session: Pt.2 First Breast Punishments

8-19-18 Session: Pt.2 First Breast Punishments
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Published by 2 months ago

My desire to try breast punishment to please my husband finally happens. Our first attempts

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panaboy 2 days ago
loved watching your tits receiving punishment x
mistress_JEZZ 4 days ago
hot slut
flstf2 4 days ago
loved watching made me cum so hard
Heatseekerxxx 4 days ago
Well that made my dick hard! Nothing like a sub counting as she gets smacked to bring the testosterone levels right up! YUMMY! ;D
abstractart1001 17 days ago
Amazing video and even more incredible for the first attempt. We love the progression from light fondling to the cuffs. She is most creative to come up with the idea. Love to see how later attempts have developed
98234 1 month ago
Awesome video!! I'd love to see her NIPPLES SUCTIONED/PUMPED UP NICE AND BIG,{!!}, before the Next TIT/NIPPLE SLAPPING SESSION!!!  She's got great tits for a FUN BONDAGE SESSION!! Thanks for posting.  More vids like this one, please.
big_bear_469 1 month ago
Good slut but damn love those tits of her!  Great for abusing
mistress_JEZZ 2 months ago
good slut
desperados3 2 months ago
great Lady , thank vou
srh66 2 months ago
Fuck off spammer! Reported
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TheSadisto 2 months ago
Nice start. Don’t stop there. Go as far as the tit meat can handle. 
Mands5247 2 months ago
Lady G, be thankful you have such a good man to give you what you ask for!
srh66 2 months ago
Thanks, the cuffs were her idea, G actually tried them on her tits one day for a joke. She is unsure of being roped tight around the tits yet, but she did say she would try zip ties sometime
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srh66 2 months ago
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srh66 2 months ago
Thanks, she and I have a few other things we hope to try someday
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srh66 2 months ago
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RonLately 2 months ago
A fav for sure! She displays a magnificent rack of tits for the torture session. Lovely areolas and nipples. I like the cuffing portion. Those tits are of sufficient size to be roped tightly and engorged for further play as well. Looking forward to more of your page!! Nice work.
dandom1234 2 months ago
What a wonderful wife and slave
preverzan 2 months ago
hanhhhhh 2 months ago
Another classic, as always kudos...such admiration witnessing your training.
HNG5252 2 months ago
Nicely done and you are an excellent learner xoxo <3
srh66 2 months ago
He won't do that. If he did, I'd punch his balls see how he liked it. - G
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Sandor26 2 months ago
Great! Thank you
dennis86 2 months ago
So geil.... ich bin begeistert...
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regine96 2 months ago
wie geil
tpjm71 2 months ago
Please punch them with your fists next time
fist01 2 months ago
superbe soumise aux nichons fouettés !!
azertyq 2 months ago
Merveilleuse vidéo ! ...magnifique poitrine ! J'adore++++
slaaf33 2 months ago
Nice vid, great tits !!!