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They started with protection. soon after both decided to make a creampie. For our happiness

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VirginiaS 2 days ago
Hubby, take note.... when her toes curled up as the black guy was seeding her, that was the moment that his seed found her egg and impregnated her..... you should be proud when she walks through Walmart carrying her black baby in her arms.  Besure to hold her hand and you smile at all the black guys, so they will come over and chat with you two.... make that, so they will come over and chat with HER....   remember, once she has that first black baby, she will want more of them....
clemsonfor 5 days ago
Nice tits n bbc. Love a hotwife with bbc
bihubby4black 20 days ago
So very, very thankful that they fucked naturally.  She needs his seed in her fertile pussy
pedrosboss 22 days ago
you dont say, now im interested lol
freaky41413333 27 days ago
That is a great video
redsfan 29 days ago
Nice RV vacation, young BBC parks next to them and the fun unfolds....
randomprofiledude 1 month ago
Can someone inbox me if they know her name?
tsquare10 1 month ago
She a nice fuck.
Eaghead1 1 month ago
fucking hot! whats the age difference? 
stefhavre43 1 month ago
when your ovulating is okay, even if he is not your hubby
Cartolafc 1 month ago
ExCuckoldman 1 month ago
Her pussy ate it.
Tralababalan 2 months ago
lbo01 2 months ago
Good work as always. Love watching her take bbc.
euroasiancpl 2 months ago
Love it
sadaba 2 months ago
delicious she have beautifull ass and feet
BigEssexGurl 2 months ago
Dick that thick and hard, he should have ripped that anus apart.
RocksteadyMX 2 months ago
Wow! She is amazing, her white tight pussy also looks delicious, I would have eaten it way before hitting it.
maxque 2 months ago
Love the way she takes that BBC.
gerwalk 3 months ago
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treemini 3 months ago
crazy hot, one of the better wives I've seen for sure
sbbuyguy 3 months ago
lovehomeporn 3 months ago
marcrigot 3 months ago
i love when she scream
22yroldbbc 3 months ago
She is amazing! Wish she was near me, I love to feel her skills in person
thrusticv2 3 months ago
Derrickswag3 3 months ago
Pretty nice
whichwayisup 3 months ago
She knows how to take dick.
cateyedcupid 3 months ago
wow...such lovely moans....she really loved that long and healthy cock
pussylover555 3 months ago
A wife complete with her own trailer