MV - 38 K-cup Bra

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smallbutshy 1 day ago
youre missing the point. im well aware that is a frequent occurence in real life. this video is not real life in any way. you clearly see those bras are nnew from the creases still in them. now if it wwere some sort of video explaining bra adjusttments, fair enough. but what sort of crew do you thik would sit there and video or wait extra minutes for it to be adjusted just for the few shots its in? its unrealistic. no producer would do that
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townsman 3 days ago
other than an at least twice daily habit for 20 years. 90% of women are in bras of the wrong size either at cup or body band. I used to date a set of D size in a C-cup because she was too embarrassed to accept she needed the larger size. It happens in all walks of life be they porn queens or girls next door
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earlofjuggs 3 days ago
My titty queen
smallbutshy 3 days ago
but you understand theres a difference between everyday life and normal use. Theres nothing to suggest she would wear it this wway for real.
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benrap 4 days ago
macnick 5 days ago
She is amazing milf
schlaflos48 5 days ago
Milena has the most beautiful breasts
dikkeuiers 5 days ago
such a stunner… love her <3
Sara_00 5 days ago
fab x
Cockshaker 5 days ago
Trying to squeeze those enormous tits into that bra - one of the funniest things I've seen. Very erotic too.
moltoluna 5 days ago
Incredibly sexy bra
exposant 5 days ago
The most beautiful woman in the world
townsman 5 days ago
Like 99.9999% of women this bra is worn on the wrong fastening. The body band show only be fastened on the first clips, then as the bra is washed and ages the second set of clips is used the tightest set of clips is fastened just before the bra ends it's life of breast control. IF it fastened on the tightest clips it is the wrong size
norwaymann 5 days ago