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Petite Little Puerto Rican Mama

Petite Little Puerto Rican Mama
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Published by 6 years ago

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pitbull1963 5 months ago
Den kleinen Arsch möchte ich ficken und zerstören
Hornydailywank 5 months ago
luckyyyyy nice one!
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stelmo83 6 months ago
She needs to have a white baby from you
Joaodasuecia 7 months ago
Lovely girl, good educated!
carlozz2 7 months ago
Gimme moooree
carlozz2 7 months ago
64ccrider 10 months ago
I have never fucked a Puerto Rican, I would love putting her in buck list as a muss fuck!! Love to stick my gig thick hard cock up her tiny tight little asshole!!
Herr_Horigkeit 1 year ago
I fucking love her tiny little body and her tiny little titties!!!!!
beckmaxe 1 year ago
I'm not too keen on her ink, but she radiates pure sex - wonderful arsehole, sexy stiff nipples. I could lick, finger and fuck her for hours...
Hamstergesicht 1 year ago
Please pm me her name
zeejames 1 year ago
I've had the pleasure of anal penetrating Latina milfs like this. It's like their asses are made for it regardless the body type. I once buttfucked a latina milf from work, no condom. Felt so good. She let me cum in her ass and I watched her push out my cum. She blew a huge fart but I didn't care.
butchchance 1 year ago
Anymore of her? She is cute.
yakitty 1 year ago
Gimme moooree
zeejames 2 years ago
love the wet sounds her asshole makes when she's getting fucked. Such a tight hole
AndyM60 2 years ago
She was amazing :-)
Nilou 2 years ago
J'ai bien aimé ça........grande vidéo !!!
titterboo 2 years ago
i want her
H-L-P 2 years ago
sweet girl
st_john_green 2 years ago
SummerSauce 2 years ago
Wow! Don't waste the load. Fill her up!!
german760 2 years ago
хорошо маленькую оттрахал
pantyluver711 2 years ago
What a cutie.
Soares1980 2 years ago
Very nice!
hasenmayer 3 years ago
This guy seems to have cornered the market on women who are around 30 years old (especially blacks and Latinas, although he gets some women of all descriptions, including a few young barely legal white girls, some old jewish MILFs and Black grannies as well as hot white or Hispanic hotties ) who want a keepsake of their youth, namely a video of a white guy fucking their ass). That's nice work, if you can get it.
hasenmayer 3 years ago
Fittingly, for a Spanish girl, he treats her to some hot sauce at the end.
Arugal 3 years ago
God DAMN this man has a primo pussy-finding dowsing rod. Proper legend he is.
pervygrandad 4 years ago
cute tiny little thing.
iTZX 4 years ago
thejanus 4 years ago
When I first saw her lovely tight body I thought to myself, wow, she is beautiful. But then she removed her bra and exposed her tiny but oh so gorgeous breasts with its crinkly areolas and stiff nipples, and I felt like I was in heaven, so the rest was just gravy, light, tasty brown gravy!