Vanessa Blue makes both Guys cum twice in this great 3some

Vanessa Blue makes both Guys cum twice in this great 3some
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Published by 4 years ago

Cumshots at: 5:33, 12:21, 18:53 & 19:03 Vanessa Blue is a Sex Goddess!!!!

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cumbeatoff 13 days ago
so hot 
Carameldippedchocola 1 month ago
This lady is so hot!  I'd love to share a few cocks with her.
BBMAN1986 2 months ago
petertje000 5 months ago
Super fuck 
Jacksonian_house 8 months ago
Vanessa blue needs to be draining black balls in Chicago to stop violence.
AmazingSausage 8 months ago
Is that an actual cumshot at 5:33?
e1ffelyett1 9 months ago
This is it
AWoodbury 10 months ago
Awesome vid!
FiveHrEdgeryJuice 1 year ago
Straight from her asshole to her mouth. Just like a good girl should.
HornyKing99 1 year ago
So damn hot!
Furyfan 1 year ago
Pussy must be so good
cumtoyou 1 year ago
She is simply the best
JohnnyBnaughty03 1 year ago
Man on man I would fuck the shit out bitch. I love how he cums and she tells him to stick it back in.
homelesperan 1 year ago
Good dp sex!
AmazingSausage 2 years ago
I only see 3 cumshots in total..? :-o
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ronaldhenson31 2 years ago
sdc101 2 years ago
black service whore for White Cock ;)
elsbury 2 years ago
this woman is incredible and beautiful and sexy. wow
dannadonnnaa 2 years ago
jack1979n 2 years ago
She is super!
wildcock 2 years ago
Great double suck and DP in this!
horny20yroldbi 3 years ago
There are porn stars then there are bad ass pornstars like Vanessa Blue
leukehobby 3 years ago
one hot slut vanessa is
jeffhurn 3 years ago
Just a dream, she really is.
Spazztix 3 years ago
stilexxx 3 years ago
Treat that bitch like she was born to be treated like the servicing white cock whore she is!!!!!
rb1956 3 years ago
She bossed thaem
mcmacmac 3 years ago
hot beyatch
chilliz1 3 years ago
yes this woman is a lethal gun she could make me cum hundred times in a row :)
Spazztix 3 years ago
Vanessa is the best, she makes everyone cum again and again, so fucking hot!